Announcing the Let's be frank...skincare Ambassador Program

Celebrate Ageing | Redefine Beauty

Empowering women. Vocal advocates. Pro-age pioneers. Social media mavens. Sound like you?

Let's be frank...we're absolutely thrilled to launch our Ambassador Program! We're on the hunt for strong, vibrant voices that echo our philosophy:

Cherish every wrinkle, every laugh line, every story that's written on your skin. Ageing is an art, and you're the masterpiece.

Customise your skincare routine with products tailored for your unique needs during this special phase of life.

Celebrate you; live your life to the fullest, prioritise yourself and glow from the inside out.

Our Ambassadors will be a part of the LBF family, they'll star on our website and social media, reminding everyone of life's beauty at every age.

We’re eager for you to share your thoughts on Let's be frank...skincare products, our philosophy and your journey through menopause.

Could You Be a Face of Let's be frank...skincare?

We value diversity, authenticity, and representation in our business and with our Ambassadors; not the size of your audience.

Here's how you'll know you're our perfect fit:

You're passionate about Let's be frank...skincare and eager to share our message.

You believe life can keep getting better as we age.

You’re ready to use your voice to inspire.

You’re comfortable showcasing your journey.

If this resonates with you, don't wait. Apply now. After all, let’s be frank… it’s your time to shine!

Thank you!!!

Some final details...

While we don't offer monetary rewards to our Ambassadors, we make sure you get lots of fabulous things in exchange for your content.

Lavish Discounts | Invites to Events | Curated Products | Exclusive Testing | Supportive Community | Photoshoots | Things To Surprise And Delight

One of our team will be in touch within 2 business days