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A Tribute To Every Woman’s Evolving Beauty

Founded by Sarah Jackson, a beauty industry veteran, we’re not just another skincare brand. We're a movement, a conversation, and a tribute to every woman’s evolving beauty.

Our story

Our name? A nod to having frank, honest discussions about this life stage and an homage to Frank Jackson, Sarah’s father and the visionary entrepreneur behind our legacy.

After all, that’s how this range was born. Frank conversations with women around her, family, the staff and friends; sharing the long list of symptoms they were expericing due to their stage of menopause.

The common theme, they couldn’t find skincare products that suited their needs. 

The call to action for us was clear: we must create products that cater to the menopausal woman. It was time for us to undergo 'the change' and wholeheartedly embrace the menopause market, of which we ourselves are a part of. 

A year and countless variations on formulations later, we’re now supporting this emerging market. 

Dive into our world; where beauty and experience meld seamlessly.

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