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Unboxing Let's be frank…skincare with Yvonne Hilsz

Watch as Yvonne Hilsz unboxes and shares her delightful first impressions of Let's be frank…skincare products. Discover why she calls them 'just divine' and learn more about our unique skincare...

We are thrilled to share an exciting unboxing video by our wonderful ambassador, Yvonne Hilsz. Known for her dynamic presence and inspiring coaching, Yvonne brings her energy and honest opinions to Let's be frank…skincare. In this video, she explores our skincare product range, sharing her thoughts and enthusiasm with her audience. Let's dive into her unboxing experience and see why she describes our products as "just divine.

Who is Yvonne Hilsz?

Yvonne Hilsz is a renowned sales coach, speaker, and trainer dedicated to empowering individuals and teams to reach their full potential. With her infectious energy and deep expertise, Yvonne has made a significant impact in the world of sales and personal development. Her commitment to authenticity and growth aligns perfectly with our values at Let's be frank…skincare, making her an ideal ambassador for our brand.

In her unboxing video, Yvonne showcases the full range of Let's be frank…skincare products, with excitement and genuine delight, she reveals each product, noting the luxurious packaging and thoughtful design. 

As Yvonne explores the products, she expresses her admiration for the quality and effectiveness of our formulations. She highlights the calming scent and silky texture of the products as well as the nifty roller in the Be Soft Healing Body Cream.


Enjoy soft skin, effortlessly! Marimoist hydrates deeply, leaving you soft, healed, and ready to shine. The handy roller makes infusing your skin with the nourishing touch of Sweet Almond Oil and the rejuvenating power of Pomegranate Extract so simple. Celebrate silky skin with every application!

Yvonne's enthusiasm is contagious as she describes the products as "just divine." She appreciates how each item is tailored to meet the specific needs of menopausal skin, emphasising our commitment to providing effective and nurturing skincare solutions. Her positive feedback underscores the transformative power of our products, making them a must-have for anyone experiencing the changes of menopause.


Don't miss Yvonne Hilsz's full unboxing video to see her genuine reactions and detailed reviews of Let's be frank…skincare products. Her insights offer a glimpse into the luxurious experience our skincare line provides.

We are honoured to have Yvonne Hilsz as an ambassador for Let's be frank…skincare. Her heartfelt review and unboxing experience highlight the quality and care we put into each product. 


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