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Travelling Through Menopause: Making Your Adventures Comfortable and Enjoyable

 Don't let menopause put a damper on your wanderlust! With careful planning and the right strategies, you can manage your menopause symptoms and enjoy the journey. Discover essential tips for...

Travelling holds the promise of new experiences, sights, and the joy of escaping the daily grind. Yet, for women navigating the choppy waters of menopause, the thought of travelling can evoke a mix of excitement and apprehension. Hot flashes in a crowded market, mood swings in a serene sanctuary, or sleep disturbances in a cozy hotel room might seem daunting. But here's the thing: menopause shouldn't anchor your spirit of adventure. With some savvy planning and handy tips, you can sail through your travels during menopause, making them as comfortable and enjoyable as ever. Let's embark on this journey together, armed with knowledge and confidence.

Understanding Menopause and Travel

The menopause transition comes with its bouquet of symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, sleep problems, and more, and when you're planning to travel, these symptoms can feel like uninvited companions. Understanding how menopause can affect your travel and preparing accordingly can make a world of difference. Knowledge is power, and in this case, it's the ticket to smooth and enjoyable travels.

Pre-Trip Planning

Selecting Your Destination: Consider climates that are kind to your menopausal symptoms. Cooler destinations can be a relief from hot flashes, while places with a relaxing vibe can help manage mood swings and stress. Maybe you need cocktails and a pool in Bali, and maybe it’s time for long boots and snowy winter markets.

Timing Your Trip:  If possible, plan your travel during times of the year when temperatures are mild, and avoid peak holiday seasons to reduce stress (on your mind and on your wallet) and give yourself a greater chance of a more comfortable journey.

Accommodations: Look for hotels or rentals that offer amenities like air conditioning, comfortable bedding, and perhaps a pool or spa for some extra relaxation.

Packing Essentials

Creating a menopause-friendly travel kit is essential. Include lightweight, breathable clothing to help manage hot flashes (bamboo is fab). Pack a portable fan, cooling sprays (like ours), and a water bottle to stay hydrated. Don't forget your medication and any natural remedies that help ease your symptoms. Comfort is key, so include items that make you feel at ease, whether that's a favourite book, soothing music (especially to help you get back to sleep), and your fave shoes.

As for me, my onboard travel pack has my book, meds, makeup, jewellery, tech stuff (including a bluetooth gadget so I can use my fave headphones on the plane), skincare essentials and my fluffy slippers so I can walk around the plane. 

Staying Comfortable on the Move

Managing Symptoms: Familiarise yourself with techniques to manage hot flashes, such as deep breathing exercises. Ensure you have access to snacks (make sure to check what the airlines, countries etc allow) that can help stabilise your mood and energy levels.

Stay Active: Incorporate light exercise into your travel itinerary. Whether it's a morning walk, yoga, or swimming, staying active can help manage symptoms and boost your mood. Do it on the plane too! Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to be stretching on a plane. 

Diet and Exercise While Travelling

Maintaining a balanced diet while on the go can help manage menopause symptoms. Opt for foods rich in calcium and vitamin D to support bone health, and incorporate a rainbow of lots of fruits and vegetables to keep energy levels up. Try to stick to your exercise routine as much as possible, as regular physical activity can help reduce stress and improve your sleep, which is one of the best parts of travel!

Emotional Well-being

Travel can be an emotional rollercoaster, and menopause might intensify this experience. Keep a journal to express your feelings, stay connected with loved ones, and practice mindfulness or meditation to stay grounded. Make the most of finding things to be grateful for on your trip and remember, it's okay to take things at your own pace and make time for rest and relaxation.

Real-life Stories and Anecdotes

Many women have tread this path before and have come out with inspiring stories of adventures that were both empowering and rejuvenating. From solo trips that reignited their sense of self to group travels that brought new friendships, these anecdotes serve as a reminder that menopause is but a phase, not a full stop on your travel dreams. Have a search online for some groups that you can connect with, and maybe even travel with.

Useful Resources

There are several apps, websites, and products designed to make travelling during menopause easier. Look for apps that help track symptoms and offer advice, websites with tips for women travellers, and products specifically designed for menopausal women, such as cooling pillows and wearable fans.

Wrapping Up

Menopause is a journey in itself, one that every woman gets through differently. Adding travel into the mix doesn't have to complicate things. With the right preparation, mindset, and resources, your travels can continue to be enriching experiences that bring joy, learning, and unforgettable memories. Things that make life so very magical. So pack your bags and let menopause take the back seat. The world is huge, and so many adventures await, with countless stories for you still to write.

Travelling through menopause might have its unique challenges, but it also brings opportunities to rediscover yourself and the world around you. So here's cheers to more adventures, more discoveries, and making every moment count, menopause or not! 

Remember, every woman's journey through menopause is unique, and it's crucial to consult with a healthcare provider to manage symptoms effectively. Safe (and fun) travels!


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