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The Power of Laughter: Navigating Menopause with a Smile

Discover the healing power of laughter as a useful tool for coping with the rollercoaster of menopause. Learn about the benefits and underlying science that make humour an indispensable part...

Embracing the Shift with a Chuckle

Menopause brings a mix of hot flashes, mood swings, and other less-than-pleasant experiences that can sometimes dampen our moods. But imagine if we could greet these road bumps with laughter instead of frustration. Laughter sets off a positive chain reaction in our bodies.  All those feel good hormones get triggered,from releasing endorphins, our body’s natural mood lifters, to decreasing the levels of stress hormones like cortisol. It’s about looking at a hot flash with a smirk or laughing off those moments of forgetfulness that menopause can bring. Now, what was I saying???  This approach doesn’t minimise the challenges but rather arms us with a lighter heart to face them.

The Laughter Prescription

Studies have highlighted laughter’s power as an antidote to stress, discomfort, and unease. It relaxes the body, easing physical tension and stress, which can linger for up to 45 minutes post-laughter, get me some of that toot suite! Laughing boosts the immune system by enhancing the presence of immune cells and antibodies, thus fortifying our defence against illnesses. Additionally, laughter is good for the heart, as it helps blood vessel function and boosts blood circulation.

Connecting Through Comedy

Laughter also plays a pivotal role in our social lives. There’s a reason why slapstick (ok not my fave) has been around since performers first took to the stage and screen - it makes people laugh!  Sharing a laugh with someone can create a positive connection, increasing our sense of belonging and understanding. In this world of menopause, where some might feel isolated due to their unique experiences, finding humour in these shared experiences can bring women together, offering a sense of camaraderie and mutual understanding. It’s about crafting a community where tales and laughter are exchanged freely, making everyone feel included and understood. 

Ageing Gracefully with Giggles

Our mission is so much bigger than merely navigating menopause, and providing great skincare; it’s about redefining and celebrating this phase. We aim to challenge the societal stereotypes that often cast this natural life transition in a negative light. With laughter and humour as our companions, we encourage a vibrant self-image and cultivate a culture where ageing is not just accepted but celebrated as the true masterpiece it is.

Incorporating Laughter into Daily Life

  1. Chase the Chuckles: Make time for comedy shows, funny reads, or stand-up routines that bring joy.
  2. Gather Your Giggle Crew: Surround yourself with people who infuse your life with laughter.
  3. Laugh at Life: Find humour in the day-to-day and even in menopause’s ‘peculiar’ moments.
  4. Build Your Community: Connect with groups or online forums that share a lighthearted take on menopause.

Wrapping Up with a Smile

Leveraging laughter during menopause is not merely beneficial; it’s life-changing. It's about flipping the script to a narrative where ageing is celebrated, where each symptom can be met with humour, and where women feel empowered to face changes with optimism. Let’s make a pact to navigate menopause with laughter, shall we? Life doesn’t need to be flawless to be beautiful; it simply requires us to embrace it with a song in our heart and an open mind to the wonders of laughter.

Even though we know life is 50/50, the more we find humour in this stage we get  closer to a culture that wears ageing as a badge of honour, with pride, joy, and, most importantly, a roll on the floor, snorting belly laugh.


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